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Planning flowers for a wedding: a few notes to get you started...

Planning a wedding can be stressful and hard, but there is no need for the flowers to be the difficult bit. Let's walk through the process...

Before you start...

Before you start to think about the flowers, you'll need the basics: a bride, a groom, a venue and a date. Then, I strongly recommend you take out wedding insurance. Insurance covers you in case something unexpected happens and one of your suppliers lets you down. Of course, this is never our intention, but accidents do happen.

Get in touch...

Next up, you'll need to think about a colour scheme or theme. Maybe you make a conscious decision to have neither of these things, which is also fine. At this point its time to drop me a line via Facebook or the Contact page.

Starting to plan your flowers

Together we will start to think about what sort of flowers you might like. No-one expects you to know the names of any flowers, but if you find pictures of things you like, we can work from there. We will also discuss the sorts of flowers that might be best suited to your budget, and what will be in season when your wedding comes around.

I really like to use Pinterest for this part of the process; it allows us to share ideas easily and visually.

You might want to use flowers to decorate all sorts of things on your wedding day, but here are some of the standard things to think about:
 - Bouquets for the bride and bridesmaids
 - Buttonholes for the male bridal party
 - Corsages for mothers, grandmothers, favourite aunts....
 - Arrangements for the ceremony
 - Table decorations for the reception
 - Other arrangements to be dotted around the reception, depending on its layout

What next?

Once I have an idea of the types of flowers that we will be using, the arrangements you need, and the style, I will produce a proposal to make sure that I have understood correctly what you want. I might make a mock-up if you are looking for something unusual. Once you're happy with the proposal, you can leave the rest to me!